FUJITSU Lifebook S-752 Core i3 4GB/32GB Refurbished Laptop

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand
    • Fujitsu
  • Model
    • S-752
  • Processor
    • CORE I 3 3rd Generation
  • RAM
    • 4 GB
  • Hard Drive
    • 320 GB

18,999.00 15,999.00


Product Description

Restrained endurance machine. Are you looking for an affordable office laptop but do not want to waive on workmanship and features? Fujitsu’s LifeBook S752 attempts a balancing act between low-cost hardware and genuine business quality. But can the LifeBook compete against the contenders from Lenovo, Dell and HP.?

Dell, HP and Lenovo: these three names are usually the first that come to mind when deciding on a business laptop. However, with Fujitsu there is yet another big player that is frequently forgotten and which was known as a joint venture with Siemens participation until a few years ago.

The LifeBook S752 is to show its capabilities in this review. The 14-inch professional laptop is heir to the S751 that we scrutinized last year. Equipped with a Core i3-3328M, 4 GB of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive.

If Fujitsu’s LifeBook S752 had to be summarized in only one word, “unspectacular” might come to mind. However, this is not at all meant in a negative sense, but rather the balanced manner that the LifeBook rushed through our test course. Only a few details mar the compelling overall impression and prevented an even better rating. However, a look at the single details:

There is not much room for complaint in the decisive exercises, i.e. casing, input devices and emissions. The chassis is manufactured well and it is very rigid although the manufacturer does not use light metals. However, the slightly yielding keyboard center should be improved. Many customers will be pleased that Fujitsu did not use the new-fangled chiclet style and opted for a conventional design that features a generous key drop and ergonomic-shaped keys. We can emphasize the low noise and temperature development just as positively.

In terms of performance, it is not as much the Core i3-3328M as the tight memory configuration that slows the laptop. Why the manufacturer offers a version with only 2 GB of RAM and such a slow hard drive remains a mystery. At least the user can upgrade both components in a few steps. In return, the somewhat too dark screen that makes outdoor use difficult is even more aggravating. That is too bad since the Life Book has the best requirements for this with an impressive run time of over 6 hours including enabled Wi-Fi – and even longer with the additional battery.

But this is basically our only real criticism. Apart from the screen and the irrelevant gaming performance in this case, the S752 manages over 80% in the other ratings and achieves the same final grade as Lenovo’s Think Pad L430: 85%. Therefore, the Life Book has honestly earned its purchase recommendation.

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